Where the land gives way to the sea, where the horizon gets broader and imagination invites possibilities, where trade and human desire reach to surpass the boundaries of everyday life, there we can find great imaginary of great structures, great ships, great ports and great life in great port cities; there where the land meets the sea we can find majestic beaches and shores that first were approached by the sailing ships of antiquity and now by the superyachts and super-ships of our modern age.

The mission of this website is to post pictures for vessels and ship spotting primarily, but also everything visual on maritime and nautical, from pictures of tall ships to pictures from maritime museums worldwide, from commercial ships to port cities.  Most of the images will be from business traveling to port cities and shipping centers worldwide.

Shipping is the most exciting industry it can be, and such excitement is best experienced visually when visiting the ports and terminals and beaches, where shipping takes place, where the sea takes over the humble ambitions of the landlubbers to make them inspiring dreams that have been making our planet a smaller and more interesting place to live.

We invite you to follow this website if you are as excited about ships and maritime as we are!

Ocean Liner built in 1952, SS 'United States' - Great visual: Chimneys

Ocean Liner built in 1952, SS ‘United States’ – Great visual: Chimneys


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